Awards Won By MG Kennels

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We take pride in our presa canarios. We take every precaution necessary to keep our breed pure. These awards are a representation of that effort. We will continue to push the limits of this breed and the conception most people have about the presa canario in an effort to educate.

Award Winning Presa Canario Dog
Presa Canario with Awards
NAKC Supreme Grand Champion Award
NAKC International Champion Award
NAKC Junior Champion Award

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Awards Won By MG Kennels

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Why should I Buy My Presa Canario From MG Kennels ?

MG Kennels is home to award winning, champion, Spanish direct presa canario dogs. When thinking of buying a dog understand that the quality is of the utmost importance. This is why MG Kennels provides an experience unlike any other you will find. We educate and train our customers based on the love for the presa canario breed. It is that reason that you have to look no further when wanting to buy a presa.

What Can I Expect If I Buy A Dog From MG Kennels ?

When buying a presa form MG Kennels you can expect to receive a top quality dog. No matter what the purpose show, work or breeding we here at MG Kennels qualify our prospective customers in ensure this breed is respected the proper way and receives the owner/home a presa canario requires.

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