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Presa Canario Champion Dogs
I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am with the dog I purchased from MG Kennels. They went above and beyond to deliver a top quality presa canario and made sure i was both happy and educated about my purchase. Nick Costantion

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Our Promise And Guarantee

MG Kennels is an exclusive breeder of award-winning Presa Canario puppies, true to its commitment of maintaining the same excellent quality and well-rounded Presa Canario breeds today and for the years to come. We are passionate about breeding superior Presa Canarios for work and show, carefully observing international standards of preserving the heritage of Spanish direct Presa Canario champion bloodlines.
All our Presa breeds are holistically healthy, physically strong and active, with stable temper and controllable behavior, great working attitude and ability, stable confirmation and spirit, awesome body build and appearance, and come from the real ancestry, bloodline of champion Spanish Presa Canario breed. We always strive to produce well-rounded Presa Canarios.

Strict Breeding Requirements to Ensure Top Quality Breed

We only breed excellent quality and the most precious bloodline of Presa Canarios. And so, we have strict requirements before we consider a Presa Canario to our breeding program.
First, the breed should be certified by a Presa Canario breed specialist, proving that the dog is suitable for breeding and registered by the FCI.
Second, the dog should be OFA and Penn HIP certified. We only accept Presas with excellent rating in both. The breed’s hips and elbows, in this case, has been x-rayed and checked for any hereditary disorders like hip dysplasia. Through this, we can be sure that the Presa Canario puppies we produce are free from any hereditary or inborn joint disorders. Significantly, the x-ray examination should have been conducted at least or after the dog reaches 2 years of age.
Third, the Presa should have passed the temperament test in order to make sure that indeed, it has stable temper and manageable behavior for the purpose of show and work.
And lastly, the Presa Canario must have an excellent match – a male Presa that is able to complement her weaknesses. This means, the two must have unique and awesome traits that will produce Presa Canario puppies of top quality. But of course, we recognize that no Presa is perfect so we rigorously conduct evaluations to determine the weak and strong points and come up with the best match possible.

“Well Rounded” Presa Canario Breed

At MG Kennels, we are breeders of well rounded Presa Canarios. We breed these dogs for working capacity, superior body build, solid disposition, high intellect, and drive. Committed to our mission of preserving the Spanish heritage and standards of Presas, we only breed physically amazing and profoundly intelligent dogs selectively chosen both from our own champion bloodlines and all over the globe.
It is one of our main goals to create extraordinary companion, incredible worker, and awesome produce of the breed and to put them in homes with equally awesome owners. We believe that since we started breeding Presa Canarios, we have been able to improve the overall capacity of our breeds in terms of temperament, body build, and wellbeing.

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I was looking for something specific. When i found this breed i immediately fell in love. When i found MG Kennels i knew my dog would come for this kennel. The quality is outstanding. Mark Roche

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MG Kennels Presa Canarios

We reproduce for steady personality, strong drive, solid nerves, and physical magnificence. These Presa breeds are not only reproduced for the show ring, but also to protect your property and livestock. We bred them for show standard, property protection, livestock guard, and loyal companions. At any time, you can always depend on our Presa Canario dogs for safety and security.
Our Presa Canarios are consistent with the working line we are highly committed to preserve. Any of our Presas can exceed expectations in numerous working sectors, including individual security, common work, gatekeeper work, and even ring sports. An MG Kennels’ Presa Canario has unique prey drive and astounding dependability.
With our passion and expertise in breeding top quality Presa Canarios, we are proud to have produced generations of our own unique and improve champion bloodline. We have high hopes for the future breeds and will always maintain the highest standard in breeding.

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